Portfolio Steward™:

Advanced Technology Working For You.

Our exclusive Portfolio Steward™ is the technological backbone of Common Sense Advisors. It’s technology so advanced, Jeff holds 3 U.S. Patents on the software he developed. What does that mean for you? Plenty!

Instead of going into the technology behind Portfolio Steward™ software, just know that it gives us the ability to quickly jump on opportunities whenever they present themselves. It monitors many different things – many different ways – things that can greatly impact your investments.

(For those technically-oriented, the Portfolio Steward™ provides the ability to use multiple trading strategies simultaneously, create and add new strategies as needed and trade in multiple currencies on exchanges around the world – all in a single account. As a portfolio manager, it gives us tremendous flexibility and allows us to do what no one else can.)

It helps to guard and grow your wealth using technology that tracks each investment, and helps minimize your risk of loss by alerting us when your account reaches certain pre-determined limits. Plus, it constantly looks for growth opportunities and alerts us when one is uncovered.

Nobody else has it. And we’d love to put it to work for you.


United States Patent No: US 7,739,183 B2

United States Patent No: US 7,739,172 B2

United States Patent No: US 7,483,849 B2