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Retired or nearing retirement? Wondering how to invest for retirement or seeking other retirement wealth solutions? At Common Sense Advisors, we provide wealth management and retirement income solutions that you simply can't find anywhere else. Our firm specializes in serving the investment management and wealth planning needs of those 55 and older. We limit the number of clients we serve, so your money gets the attention it deserves. Fee-based, proprietary strategies, patented processes and software, real-life planning, dynamically adjusted portfolio management and the ability to work directly with your portfolio manager. You've worked hard for your wealth. Now it's time for your money to work hard for you.


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Why Variable Annuities Don't Work

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What if you could work directly with your portfolio manager?

What if you could work directly with your portfolio manager?

Your investing success or failure is going to ultimately depend on how your portfolio is invested, monitored and managed from day-to-day.

The Wall Street System will do its best to try to distract you from that fact. They’ll talk about the importance of financial planning and put together these reports that show how your money will grow over the next 30 years. They have charts and illustrations that are designed to make you believe that they have investing practically down to a s… read_more


How to Survive Market Crisis and Reduce Stress

How to Survive Market Crisis and Reduce Stress

Wealth managers (and retirement income managers) like myself typically recommend those in retirement have at least a portion of their retirement assets invested in things like stocks, bonds and real estate. The wealth strategies employed by traditional advisors have experienced unwanted losses and created a lot of sleepless nights for retirees.

Everyone wants to invest in the stock market when it’s going up. The key to successful stock market investing isn’t how … read_more